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Tools for Hubs, Cassettes and Freewheels

Unfixie Wrench
Used for removing those stuborn fixed gear cogs. Long enough for providing enough leverage. Milled out of solid billet aluminum for strength. One end fits 16 and 17 tooth cogs and the other has pins for 18 and 19 tooth cogs. There are alternate holes provided for 15 and 20 tooth cogs. Part # UF-1
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Mini Cassette Lock
Used to remove the cassette lockring when bike shop resources are not available. This tool secures the lockring from turning by locking it to the dropout so that when the cranks are turned with the bike in low gear the pedaling force will actually break the lockring free. It is designed primarily for emergency use and there is a models for Shimano and Campagnolo lockrings. The tool can be used in reverse to be able to install the lockring as well.

Part # CLD-2S Shimano CLD-2C Campagnolo

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Hub Axle Vise
This tool provides a superior method of adjusting bicycle hubs. Especially cassette hubs with quick release axles, because the bearings are held in a compressed state as when the wheel is mounted in the frame. The skewer is installed to clamp this tool to the hub and the tool is mounted in a bench vise. The hub adjustment is carried out on the top cone and locknut of the hub, the other side having been properly tightened. This tool is invaluable when adjusting cassette hubs where the right side cone is inaccessible to a wrench. Part #HV-1
Instructions in PDF here

Freewheel Injector
Permits the freewheel to be cleaned and lubricated without tedious disassembly. Freewheels, soaked in solvent, may be cleaned by blowing with compressed air until dry. Oil or light grease (such as Phil Wood) may then be injected into the bearings. Fits most freewheels. Part #FI-U

The Hyper-Handle and Cassette Lockring Drivers
This tool uses a series of pins which engage into the smallest cog of the cassette while a special piloted driver engages the spline of the lockring and is efficiently turned using an ordinary 3/8" ratchet. This permits the tools to work with the best leverage advantage, even permitting the lockring to be removed with one hand. Alternately, the driver can be mounted into a bench vise with the cog wrench engaging the cassette and the lockring. A simple turn of the wrench and the lockring is removed. Pro Models are single ended with a tubular handle and the standard model is double ended to fit 11 thru 14 tooth cogs. The Drivers are available for Campagnolo and Shimano Cassettes.
Part #HH-11/12, HH-13/14, HH-11-14, CLD-S and CLD-C
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